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Please note that this site contains archival information. Adobe no longer supports the Edge Animate program. In addition, Apple has modified the way animations perform in the Books app which results in stuttering and other undesirable playback function using these techniques.

There are artists and writers who would like to make picture books that move and talk; books that squeak and shake, rattle and roll; books whose animated antics make a kid chuckle with delight or flinch in astonishment.

There are book apps, of course, but to make a good one requires software programmers, creative directors, audio specialists, teams of animators and the support of a major publishing enterprise. And all that requires a certain level of funding. It's unlikely a single artist can pull that off.

But things are changing. New tools make it possible for a solitary artist, or a small author/artist team to create books that move and talk.

What has not appeared is a clearly explained procedure for bringing animated ebooks to life. That's the intent of this blog.

Of course, making such a book will never be a piece of cake. Skills required include the ability to draw, to design characters and scenarios, to write compelling stories, to bring characters to life through animation and to work with sometimes quirky software that transforms all the disparate elements into a functioning product. And yes, software can be expensive. Making an animated ebook is a very time-intensive venture as well.

But the good news is, it's now feasible for an individual to put together an animated picture book in a reasonable amount of time with a moderate amount of financial investment and without having to be a programming genius. Hooray for that!

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